Who we are:

The Saddleback Mothers of Multiples club is a non-profit organization established on February 17th, 1970 in order to connect mothers of twins, triplets, or quadruplets (or more) for the purpose of support and friendship. Our meetings and events are usually held within the borders of the Saddleback and Capistrano Valleys, but our members live throughout Southern California. The only requirement for membership is that you be a mother with children who are no more than 6 months apart. We are a chapter of the Southern California Mothers of Multiples Club, and theNational Organization of the Mothers of Twins Club.


What We Offer:

What we Offer (click to view)

  • General Meetings (include speakers and discussions of topics relative to parenting multiples)
  • Moms Night Out
  • Kids Events
  • Parks and Walk Days
  • Garage Sales
  • Seasonal Parties for the whole family
  • Annual Fundraising Dinner
  • New Member Workshops
  • A Lending Library
  • Philanthropic Opportunities
  • Education
  • Support
  • Friendship


Join Us

Regular Membership (click to view)

Membership is open to any mother or expectant mother of multiple births, mothers of adopted multiples, and mothers of children who were born no more than six months apart. As a member, you will have the following benefits:

  • Club events including general meetings and speakers, kids events, play dates, moms nights out, seasonal parties for the whole family, fundraising activities, new member workshops, and an invitation to all State and National Club events
  • Support and friendship from 200+ members
  • Access to our private online Facebook pages – a forum for members to ask questions and share tips and information as well as buy ad sell goods to one another.
  • Opportunity to help with our community program Helping Hands
  • Subscription to Multiple Times, our Club E-Newsletter
  • Membership in Multiples of America and in the Southern California Mothers of Multiples Club (SCMOMC)
  • Subscription to the Multiples of America newsletter
  • Club’s Preemie Closet
  • Clothing and Gear Sales

Membership Types

Regular Member:  Has multiples who are less than 4 years of age

H.O.T.T Member (Has Older Twins or Triplets): Has multiples who have turned 4 years of age

Outside of Area Member:  Has multiples and resides 100 miles or more from zip code 92692. Please contact membership@smomc.org for more information.